Vioxx Claims Administration
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A Vioxx Portal is a secured website connection between the Claims Administrator and a law firm that is serving as Primary Counsel for a Claimant or group of Claimants in the Vioxx Settlement Program. It allows the Claims Administrator and the law firm to share information back and forth and for the law firm to see the status of each of its clients in the Program. The law firm can see information only on its clients and no other Claimants. Only persons authorized by the Primary Counsel law firm can use the Vioxx Portal. Each authorized user who wants to use the firm's Vioxx Portal must first obtain from the Claims Administrator:

   (1)  A Logon ID name assigned to the user. This Logon ID will not be case sensitive.
   (2)  A password assigned to that Logon ID. The password is case sensitive, so users must be careful how they type it each time they          sign on to their Portal.

A user authorized by Primary Counsel may obtain a Logon ID and associated Password by contacting the Claims Administrator at: Any user who has forgotten a password or would like to change or add users should also contact the Claims Administrator for assistance.

Pro Se Claimants (that is, Claimants who are not represented by a lawyer) cannot use the Vioxx Portal and thus cannot obtain user IDs or passwords. A Pro Se Claimant should contact the Claims Administrator for information by email to or at (866) 866-1729. Pro Se Claimants can also contact the Pro Se Curator appointed by the Court at (504) 561-7799.

Claimants who are represented by a lawyer cannot use the Vioxx Portal and thus cannot obtain user IDs or passwords. Such persons should contact the Primary Counsel for the Claimant for information on the Claimant's status.